The Fastest Gaming PC is now AMD!

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With AMD's release of the 5000 series of CPUs, it was only a matter of time our cryo cooled Intel system would be dwarfed. But we WERE NOT expecting this system From Digital Storm to grace us. It is glorious.
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  • jesus saves
    jesus saves2 minutter siden

    Now play call of duty Cold War so it could brake 😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • will fett
    will fett9 minutter siden

    Imagine him being your uncle. You'll get a even powerful pc every year XD

    DESTINY TV12 minutter siden

    Awesome windows 10 dark mode

  • Lukáš Mlýnek
    Lukáš Mlýnek27 minutter siden

    WoW, Intel is BeTtEr for RTX cards, :)

  • Morne Combrink
    Morne Combrink49 minutter siden

    #linus you should try getting more sleep buddy. Can see you're not getting much rest...

  • Bright Kofi Akowuah
    Bright Kofi Akowuah52 minutter siden

    I wish someone buys me this Machine for FREE for LOVE for DECEMBER!

  • BeamZy
    BeamZy53 minutter siden

    i need that case i just need it but where :(

  • oliver arsenal
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  • rex98 ita
    rex98 ita2 timer siden

    can you list me all the components please?

  • mike williams
    mike williams3 timer siden

    Current year: What an absolute monster of a machine 2050: What a pile of junk. It doesn't even take up half the room in size.

  • PomidorPL
    PomidorPL3 timer siden

    I am fast as fuck boiii

    CHRISTIAN FOX3 timer siden


  • Robyn Hall
    Robyn Hall4 timer siden

    Imagine him being your uncle. You'll get a even powerful pc every year XD

  • Anomynous
    Anomynous4 timer siden

    What is this pc build called? Like what custom aventum x model?

  • Jason Poole
    Jason Poole4 timer siden

    How much would this cost

  • KnightHawk
    KnightHawk5 timer siden


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  • PleasureGaming
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    Linus I suggest "lift with your legs" 🤣

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    Dilean Vince Cruz5 timer siden

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  • Erik Vitands
    Erik Vitands5 timer siden

    wear a mask when you need someone else to come in.

  • Rfcdgaf
    Rfcdgaf5 timer siden

    Insane how LCD monitors are just NOW getting back to comparable CRT refresh rate days. Absolutely nuts

  • Henry Patterson
    Henry Patterson5 timer siden

    But does it run minecraft?

  • Que Sero
    Que Sero6 timer siden

    give me that monitor and nobody gets hurt :p

    DVLOGS6 timer siden

    Someone said Ps5 is Huge

  • Tom
    Tom6 timer siden

    and i would still only get 40 fps on FiveM

    GSXR J3FF6 timer siden

    It kinda made me sad that this thing only did 100 fps on max settings. Not that my computer can beat it

  • KCEE
    KCEE7 timer siden

    What about Call Of Duty?!

  • Cyrus Espinal
    Cyrus Espinal7 timer siden

    I wish i have 4k resolution

  • Peter
    Peter8 timer siden

    I'm playing Shogun 2 on a Lenovo Flex 14. Am I a gamer?

  • Malicos
    Malicos8 timer siden

    Whoever is looking to use the motherboard in this PC, I did some research and the max ram memory it has is 128gb so be careful not to buy 4 64gb cards

  • Hendrawanto supono
    Hendrawanto supono8 timer siden

    You should try detroit become human. I wanna see someone dominate their graphics

  • Southland Sid
    Southland Sid9 timer siden

    Looks like you need some sleep in this video man

  • Kaptain TZ
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    Linus: I wanna do it! I can do it! I can't do it...

  • Ron Adriel Carillo
    Ron Adriel Carillo10 timer siden

    correct me if im wrong, did linus just bought a prebuilt?

  • TheCowGod2
    TheCowGod210 timer siden

    How much did that cost? $2000 or $10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Djibrine Djidda
    Djibrine Djidda11 timer siden

    Linus gets 500 mbs, I get 500 kbps :/

  • Sandweechez


    8 timer siden

    get rekt i have 1mbs

  • Five Gaming
    Five Gaming11 timer siden


  • Tiger Kong
    Tiger Kong11 timer siden

    How about blew up 1M TNT on Minecraft

  • Tank Kill2020
    Tank Kill202011 timer siden

    So if I bought the PC I would get one just like that minus the LTT stickers? If so my next pay I’ll buy one from your link

  • KingFungi
    KingFungi11 timer siden

    nice, but can it run crysis?

  • Morolog
    Morolog11 timer siden

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  • VisionXGaming
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  • Sandweechez


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  • Likkle Man
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  • frostybe3r
    frostybe3r13 timer siden

    People still don't understand that SLI is shit without quad channel.

  • Albion Useini
    Albion Useini13 timer siden

    Linus: Plugging the computer 10minutes later why are the lights off.

  • DuckBill Entertainment
    DuckBill Entertainment14 timer siden

    That pc has better plumbing than my house

  • Darkman229
    Darkman22915 timer siden

    would love to see some endurance testing, and by that i mean seeing how it would hold up with some long hours of VR gameplay

  • Johnny blana
    Johnny blana15 timer siden

    don't you give me a better computer through Amazon? that we don't have 💶 or dollars, in our country a euro is 5 times bigger

  • QrewOW
    QrewOW15 timer siden

    i wish i had enough money to get a good gaming PC let alone the stuff that linus gets

  • AssaultBrother TV
    AssaultBrother TV16 timer siden

    He sounded like a 40 year old Eastern European dad 11:38

  • Regular Person
    Regular Person16 timer siden

    2:12 don't eat soy kids

  • Sal's TakeOn Tech
    Sal's TakeOn Tech16 timer siden

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    BAD NOOBY17 timer siden

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  • Vickay Enesi
    Vickay Enesi17 timer siden

    How many people are still cringing seeing Linus tip and shift that thing on the table? The nerve!!! Left to me it ain't leaving the floor....

  • Adam Youmans Jr.
    Adam Youmans Jr.17 timer siden

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  • AnAverageGuy
    AnAverageGuy17 timer siden

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  • Lucifer
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  • Zorro9129
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    If you go to the website and select all the options he has, it comes to around $16k.

  • MoT0R He4D
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  • Nerdy Scotsman
    Nerdy Scotsman20 timer siden

    thousands of pounds just to get 100 fps :P

  • Caleb Games
    Caleb Games20 timer siden

    Why am i watching im too broke for this Ok imma put this pc on my future list

  • Galf506
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  • Ivan Nicolas Orden
    Ivan Nicolas Orden21 time siden

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  • Galf506
    Galf50621 time siden


  • Cody T
    Cody T21 time siden

    Listen, I'm just as excited as the next guy for cool hardware, but it gets old watching people do the same benchmarks of the same yesteryear games we've seen a thousand times. How about we actually take a deep look into the "new" features and actually learn something for once 🤷‍♂️ watching Linus Oogle over PC parts is like watching a drunk guy in a strip club who's about to get the boot 🤣

  • J S
    J S21 time siden

    Linus skips leg day...

  • Paulo games
    Paulo games21 time siden

    Anomaly’s PC runs csgo around 700-900 fps, you should get in contact with him about his build, it’s insane

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    Madhur Bharadwaj22 timer siden

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    TOXIC GAMErS23 timer siden

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    Christopher FuentesDag siden

    I was interested but when you said amd is the best now i had to thumbs down and leave. sorry not sorry. AMD is not the best. kinda close but no. sorry. its almost like amd paid you to say this

  • Elisa Seliku
    Elisa SelikuDag siden

    he say fast pc on univers :D wtf is some where are created life and people are more smart wich call ufo, we dont know about univers :D maybe is not fastest on univers :P